Job Description (Sample)

Company:        ABC Corporation (referred to as ‘ABC’)

Position:        Senior Marketing Associate

Appointee:        Winston Churchill (referred to as the appointee)

Commencement Date:    1 November 2008

I accept this position and its accountabilities and I agree to use the systems, to meet the standards and to produce the stated outcome.

Signature:        ______________________

Date Signed:        1 October 2008

Senior Associate:    George Patton

I agree to provide a supportive working environment, appropriate resources including training to enable the appointee to meet the stated outcome.

Signature:        ______________________

Section 1:  Introduction and Overview

Customer Value Statement

“Enabling leaders to create powerful teams”

Company Values

Effective communication

Empowering team members

Team work

Respect for the individual


Proactive and resourceful

Exceeding customer expectation

Company Vehicles

ABC Programme for entrepreneurs

Primary KPI (Key Performance Indicator)

“To ensure new enrolment objectives are met each month”

Section 2:  Activities and Standards

Marketing Database

The marketing database is continuously updated to progressively include all qualified prospects in the franchise territory including history of all marketing activity


The Quarterly Marketing Plan for the quarter following the next one is submitted to the General Manager by the beginning of every quarter

The Annual Marketing Plan for the upcoming year is submitted to the General Manager by the end of October each year

Marketing Events

Marketing events such as Host Events, Public Previews, Public Speaking, Media Interviews, editorials etc are held every month at the level agreed in the Quarterly Marketing Plan

The preparation, set up and break-down checklists are completed, dated, signed and filed

A minimum of 40% or more of people at Public Previews become interviews

A minimum of 25% or more of people at Host Events become interview


A minimum of 75% or more of interviews requested become meetings


A minimum of 33% or more of meetings become new clients


Monthly marketing reports are produced and distributed to KPI meeting attendees 72 hours prior to the monthly KPI meeting

Weekly marketing reports are produced and distributed 24 hours prior to the weekly Marketing meeting with the General Manager

Performance Reviews

6 monthly Performance Review meetings are held with each Direct Report and a copy of the Performance Review is sent to the General Manager.  This report includes the identification of any training needs.

Direct Reports

The Marketing Associate and Enrolments Associate are performing all activities to the set standards and KPIs outlined in their Portfolio Agreement

Section 3:  Reporting

Reporting To

This position reports to the Managing Director

Direct Reports

Associates reporting to this position include the Reception and Marketing Associates

Section 4:  Skills, knowledge and experience


A values set and experience which are congruent with ABC strategies

Personal attributes

Be confident, positive, enthusiastic, passionate and have high energy levels


A minimum of 3 years track record of proactively creating sales or marketing events

The following is a guide and will be the basis for determining a training programme to ensure that the associate's skills and knowledge are at the level required for the satisfactory completion of the KPI and Activities and Standards

Personal Computers

E-mail, ACT! Database, MS Word, MS Excel

Touch typing keyboard skills at a minimum rate of 25 words per minute


At least 3 years experience in supervision or management


At least 3 years experience in planning marketing campaigns

Section 5:  Rewards

An annual base salary of $x,xxx will be paid monthly

A monthly bonus structure as follows will also apply

For 100% of monthly objective being achieved a bonus of $x,xxx

For 120% of monthly objective being achieved a bonus of $x,xxx

For 150% of monthly objective being achieved a bonus of $xx,xxx

Section 6:  Other Conditions

Hours of Work

Monday to Friday

Earliest start time possible:    7:30 am

Latest finish time possible:    6:00 pm

Lunch break for one hour as and when mutually agreed.

Extra hours may be worked and payable if mutually agreed in advance


Standard sick leave provision in accordance with local regulations and legislation

After 3 consecutive months service 3 days special leave pay (Illness or death in immediate family)

Paid annual leave entitlement is 6 weeks after one years continuous service, based on annual base salary and to be taken at times mutually agreed

Public holidays are given with full annual base salary paid

Parental leave will be granted in accordance with local regulations and legislative requirements

Notwithstanding the above, annual leave can not be carried over from one year to the next, without the written permission of the Managing Director


Disputes and personal grievances will be dealt with in accordance with the guidelines contained within the Employment Contracts Act 1992

Termination of Contract

Termination of the contract must be preceded by one months written advice by either party

Termination of the contract is instant upon theft, abuse of clients, failure to attend work without notification for 3 days or three continuous months of sick leave

Redundancy is provided for in this contract in accordance with standard employment legislation provisions

The conditions of the contract are contingent upon adequate performance

This contract is confidential between the Position Appointee and ABC


A performance review meeting will take place in June and December of each year

This contract will be renegotiated at the end of each calendar year.

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