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Please note that the following results are from some of Tom Poland's clients who "imperfectly persisted" in implementing the strategies from his program. Results like these are not achieved by all clients and the results you experience in working with Tom Poland may vary and are dependent on many factors external to his control.

During the first twelve months that I worked with Tom Poland our revenue increased by 43% to over $1,000,000 and my net personal earnings rose by 50% to $400,000.

We achieved the goals with no sacrifice of personal leisure time and we continue to enjoy an "earnings per partner hour" which is amongst the top quartile in the country.

Steve Bennet, Bennet and Associates

Before working with Tom Poland’s program I was very clear about where I wanted to take the business to but I had no idea of how to get there and I thought if I work any harder I’ll kill myself.

But while I was working with Tom our turnover exploded, we more than quadrupled our revenue and profits increased by over 300%.

At the same time I worked a lot less. My investment with Tom has paid off more than tenfold. Tom’s program certainly delivers on its promises.

Ginny Scott, M.D. Capulet

In the first year of working with Tom my earnings increased by just over 100%.

One of the biggest benefits was discovering how to strengthen my ability to systematically attract very high quality new clients into my practice.

In addition I was able to set realistic but challenging goals in my business and personal life to achieve a more realistic work life balance.

Greg Moyle. Managing Director, NZFP

Prior to joining Tom Poland’s program I was working 60 – 70 hours a week and I had only one afternoon off work on the weekends. Now a typical work week for me is about three days.

Our profit has tripled and so I’m making a lot more money out of what I’m doing.

Tom’s program is priceless.  I couldn’t put a price on where the program has taken me from and where I am now.

Dianne Bussey, FACT Solutions Consulting

Before joining Tom Poland’s program around 2000 I was working 60 – 70 hours a week.

Once we started working together I grew my number of employees from six to over 30 and I sold one of my businesses for many millions thanks in no small part to working with Tom’s program.

I’ve spent a week with Richard Branson on his private island and dined personally with Google founder Larry Page thanks to Tom challenging me to think bigger and to follow my passion.

And I’m pleased to still be working with Tom some eight years later. Joining Tom’s program was certainly one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made.

Mark Rocket, Rocket Lab, Avatar and others

Anything that doubles your income has got to be good and that’s exactly what happened while working with Tom Poland. I gained an additional depth to my personal life and business life.

I’ve got more leisure time, I have more holidays, and I earn more. I recommend Tom Poland to anyone in charge of a business.

Geoff Wilson, Professional Consulting Group

Before working with Tom Poland’s program my business was “all me”. I was working insane hours and I thought there had to be a better way.

Now I’ve freed up a lot of time including 12 weeks holiday a year as well as growing the business by over 400% and adding several million dollars to turnover and the bottom line of my business.

Fred Soar, Soar Printing

As a result of working with Tom Poland the value of my business increased by many millions of dollars.

Before joining Tom’s program I was working six and seven days a week. Now I achieve more and yet I only work four days a week.

My advice for any business owner who wants to enjoy more revenue and a better quality lifestyle, is to get on with it by joining Tom Poland’s program.

Grant Faber, Superbrokers Logistics Ltd

In the last 12 months since I started working with Tom Poland my earnings have more than doubled and I’m ahead of my target again this year.

I’ve gone from having 4 weeks holiday per year to 13 weeks. I’ve quit smoking, lost 4 kilograms of weight and I’m fitter than I’ve ever been before.

I credit these achievements to my commitment to working with Tom Poland.

If you own a business then it’s likely that working with Tom will be the best investment you’ll ever make.

Warren Storm, Storm Financial, Life Brokers NZ Ltd

I started working with Tom Poland 18 months ago and already I’ve doubled my earnings

I now also enjoy three months holidays every year whereas for the last 31 years I’ve worked almost seven days a week.

I’ve experienced dramatic changes in both my business and personal life.

John Good, Good Financial Services

After joining Tom Poland’s program within nine months I’ve boosted profits and generated more revenue than the last three years put together.

The actual overall improvement as a complete package in my business has been substantial and that’s allowed me to become semi-retired.

Gilbert Chapman, Debt Recovery Group

Before joining Tom Poland’s program I’d reached a point where I couldn’t see how I was going to grow the business more because I was drowning in detail.

Now my time is freed up to think more clearly and more creatively. We’ve gone from being static to buying out a competitor because we’ve boosted our profits significantly.

And time off was always an issue for me but now I take at least one week off every quarter and three weeks at Christmas and I feel good about that. If you are prepared to make changes the value of Tom Poland’s program is massive.

Ian Telford, Jason Products

Prior to working with Tom Poland’s program I was running a reasonably successful business but since then sales have increased and profits have increased quite considerably.

But the success at work has been balanced by ongoing success at home and with my health as well and that’s been important to me.

Tom’s programs may appear to be pricey but it’s also a question of value because in my case, I’ve recovered the cost of his program many times over.

Alan Coop, Intercad Ltd

Prior to working with Tom Poland I was working long and hard but the business wasn’t growing and I felt frustrated about that.

Thanks to working with Tom my business rapidly increased in value and is now worth millions.

I can think of no reason why anyone who wants to add six or seven figures to their revenue would not apply to join Tom’s program.

My investment has paid off a thousand fold. Tom’s program worked with me and I know of others who have had a similar result.

Win Charlebois, The Diamond Shop

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